Thursday, 15 February 2007

Please Mummy, can we live in New Zealand?

The Unicef report damning New Zealands standard of child care was surely a wakeup call to Amtsvorsteher Maharey and his Boss, well so you would have thought.

But apparently its all OK because the report findings were based on old data and everythings tickity boo now, according to Stevie M on Labour FM this morning.

In summary Unicef reckons New Zealand kids who
aren't dead, sick, pregnant or too hungry to concentrate have loads of books to read.

Come on Steve, get with the program.

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Winston Smith said...

I wonder if Smarmy got an easy ride on Labour FM. Surely not. The Childrens Commissar (yet another loyal mouthpiece appointed by the Helengrad Commissariat) will be in denial on this one too. One day the social engineers will wake up and realise welfare reliance causes abdication of personal responsibility. They won't admit it of course. Might do some of them out of a job.