Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Middle age men in lycra gather at Aotea square

Eeeeew yukky!

I was walking through Aotea square this morning only to be met by the sight of 50 or so nerdy, part time sandal wearers otherwise known as moving road hazards or cyclists. Apparently Auckland City in its wisdom has given them some cash so they could offend peoples sensibilities early in the morning by wearing inappropriate, tight fitting slightly indecent clothing in public AND put on free breakfast and freakshow. Wheres my goddamn free breakfast?

While walking past making faces at the more feral looking beasties I spied an elder (easy to recognise, they are the ones with full length wheel guards none of these flash harry short guards for them) rush on by, cutting off a grey haired lady and failing to indicate to a car which way they were going.

Conclusion: Innercitius beardycyclus are a bunch of (endangered) tossers who shouldn't be fed and encouraged with public handouts.

Friday, 23 February 2007

Ginga scares man

No shit love. Theres nothing more to add about this Womans Day 19 Feb front page item.

Monday, 19 February 2007

Scutteley butteley

Well well well, the stories one overhears at certain viaduct harbour bars after work.

Guess which Australasian financial services company is having a real struggle getting its IT projects to bear fruit. I wouldn't like to spill the beans and can only suggest your insurance bill increases may not only be related to major natural disasters overseas.

Another, Kiwi, firm whos share price has spiked may have some cost savings coming its way as the head Shark leaves the aquarium and is no longer able to indulge in fancy European marques on the company chit.

Round eyes, cheap eats and the new underclass

Anyone else noticed that round eyes get somewhat patchy service at the Asian food joints in Auckland? Case in point, perambulated to one of my favourite Chinese nosh joints today for a quick bit of lunchtime kai and got ignored in favour of some Chinese school kids. I know its a somewhat common phenomonen probably brought on by low pay, indentured service and difficulty fitting into a new society but having spent a fair bit of time living overseas my tolerance is quite low for obviously biaised shite service.

But aren't you just loving the multitude of cheap good scoff offerings at lunchtime at the various foodhalls, street stall style cafes and Yum Char joints, I know I am. Compared to Auckland 10 years ago when egg and ham sarnies were about as far as the cheap eats went, 2007 is a foodies heaven. My work building lift the other morning attested to that with everydrone getting in pushing a BMI rating of obese, it was like a McDonalds queue. Lethargic, slack jawed, fatties schleping to their cubicles for a day of paper shuffling, Gloria Jean high fat sugar laden 'coffee' and urgent 'meetings'. I hurried off to my relative oasis feeling a little dirty.

Speaking of indentured service, I am totally amazed at the lack of profile or understanding of the labour force providing Auckland with a slew of cheap goods and services. There is an underbelly of pseudo-indentured labour who, while keeping their passports, are subjected to sometimes illegal and often unethical employment practises. Talk about a dual system.

But thats for a whole other post.

Kiwi success story

Bloodyhell, who would have ever thought is was possible! You can make a living out of online commentary. Richard MacManus' blog Read/WriteWeb made it to number 51 on Technorati.

It just goes to show that blogworld isn't just made up of freaks, crackpots, cubicle meerkats and various Labour party underlings attempting to influence political journalists on a slow news day. Yeah, I know it is hard to believe but the truth is out there, you can publish interesting and relevant material that people will want to read - go figure.

Darwin awards candidate a.k.a future Labour voter

A Rotorua teenager (16) goes to have a cigarette in his car at midnight and decides to polish his car interior with Lynx deodorant spray.

Q/ whats a 16 year old doing

a) driving an uninsured car
b) polishing his car trim with deodorant
c) smoking ciggies (contents?) at midnight in his car

But most importantly, wtf are you using Lynx for mate? It reeks Geeza seeks Shazza for meaningful yeah but, no but....

Thursday, 15 February 2007

American presidental politics

Top of the bill ladies and gentlemen, the fight you've come to see!
In the red corner we have liberal democrat staaaaaaaffeeeeeers.
In the blue corner the conservative republican Chriiiiiiiissstiaaaaaaaaaaaans.
Well, fringe loonies working for political parties in the states, it wouldn't happen here...Yeah Right.

But seriously, how far behind the curve are we in little ole Nu Zeelund from the kind of fallout we have seen decend on John Edwards campaign? Not far if you consider the sophisticated campaign strategies that both major parties here employed at the last election. One with an rather ironic laissez faire interpretation of the spending rules to pay for last minute little red book mail drops to the simpering liberal urban middle class home (mortgage) owners and students. The other with sneaky new tie-ins to, you guessed it, conservative Christian groups and interestingly, popular billboard advertising techniques.

This week has seen the second democrat campaign flunky get the arse for their blogging history. Isn't it funny how the anonymity of email and the web has created an underclass of wanna be deep throats, ahem, in US politics, if you'll pardon the allusion.

But wait, theres more! The bitching and he said but she said reaching a crescendo with Melissa McEwans (ex-democrat staffer) statements that described Christian supporters of President Bush as his ''wingnut Christofascist base'' being dredged out of the ether while Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights (slightly rabid republican supporters?) slung the mud aligning democrats with God bashers, gays and those pesky ''secular Jews who hate Christianity" and control Hollywood.

New Zealand political staffers get blogging, theres an election coming up and I need a good laugh. On second thought, sounds like a perfect new job for Taito.

Hei Kone Ra.

Please Mummy, can we live in New Zealand?

The Unicef report damning New Zealands standard of child care was surely a wakeup call to Amtsvorsteher Maharey and his Boss, well so you would have thought.

But apparently its all OK because the report findings were based on old data and everythings tickity boo now, according to Stevie M on Labour FM this morning.

In summary Unicef reckons New Zealand kids who
aren't dead, sick, pregnant or too hungry to concentrate have loads of books to read.

Come on Steve, get with the program.