Monday, 19 February 2007

Round eyes, cheap eats and the new underclass

Anyone else noticed that round eyes get somewhat patchy service at the Asian food joints in Auckland? Case in point, perambulated to one of my favourite Chinese nosh joints today for a quick bit of lunchtime kai and got ignored in favour of some Chinese school kids. I know its a somewhat common phenomonen probably brought on by low pay, indentured service and difficulty fitting into a new society but having spent a fair bit of time living overseas my tolerance is quite low for obviously biaised shite service.

But aren't you just loving the multitude of cheap good scoff offerings at lunchtime at the various foodhalls, street stall style cafes and Yum Char joints, I know I am. Compared to Auckland 10 years ago when egg and ham sarnies were about as far as the cheap eats went, 2007 is a foodies heaven. My work building lift the other morning attested to that with everydrone getting in pushing a BMI rating of obese, it was like a McDonalds queue. Lethargic, slack jawed, fatties schleping to their cubicles for a day of paper shuffling, Gloria Jean high fat sugar laden 'coffee' and urgent 'meetings'. I hurried off to my relative oasis feeling a little dirty.

Speaking of indentured service, I am totally amazed at the lack of profile or understanding of the labour force providing Auckland with a slew of cheap goods and services. There is an underbelly of pseudo-indentured labour who, while keeping their passports, are subjected to sometimes illegal and often unethical employment practises. Talk about a dual system.

But thats for a whole other post.

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