Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Middle age men in lycra gather at Aotea square

Eeeeew yukky!

I was walking through Aotea square this morning only to be met by the sight of 50 or so nerdy, part time sandal wearers otherwise known as moving road hazards or cyclists. Apparently Auckland City in its wisdom has given them some cash so they could offend peoples sensibilities early in the morning by wearing inappropriate, tight fitting slightly indecent clothing in public AND put on free breakfast and freakshow. Wheres my goddamn free breakfast?

While walking past making faces at the more feral looking beasties I spied an elder (easy to recognise, they are the ones with full length wheel guards none of these flash harry short guards for them) rush on by, cutting off a grey haired lady and failing to indicate to a car which way they were going.

Conclusion: Innercitius beardycyclus are a bunch of (endangered) tossers who shouldn't be fed and encouraged with public handouts.

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