Thursday, 1 March 2007

Human ass fat drives sustainability

Labour party sustainability wonks will be salivating (or should that be gagging?) over their soy lattes by news that Earthracer, the New Zealand sustainability awareness raising boat journey around the globe, is powered by liposuctioned ass fat.

Go Earthracer!

This is surely a sign to the faithful that, in order for the new dawn of sustainability in New Zealand to shine over the rising underclass, legislation is needed immediately to allow starving plastic surgeons to perform emergency mandatory liposuction on fat kids and obese lard ass parents across the nation.

Perhaps the Government should have helped Earthracer with its fund raising a year or so ago when various government bods (Tourism NZ and Jim Anderton) did their best to distance themselves and New Zealand from Earthracers bloody exciting and leading edge expedition. I suppose the photo opps weren't as good as poncing around the Antarctic or grandstanding on carbon credit trading.

Go Labour, get Tourism NZ to sponsor the guy.

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