Thursday, 1 March 2007

Labour legitimise Harawira' political platform

Recent events in the Coromandel at Whenuakite have given a much needed fillip to the Maori party and no doubt their ratings. Landcorp, after having their offer to surrender the 1100 hectare farm to the State for treaty settlements declined, put the block up for sale to the highest bidder.

An enterprising group of local Iwi have occupied the farm causing a huge political embarrassment to the Government. Mallard and Clark have been backpedaling furiously to make this go away. So much so there has been another set of press releases heralding Helen's much publicised meeting with 'Jethro' George Bush. Rather testily Helen quickly pointed out to an interviewer that her meeting with George was not to be as short as 20 minutes but upwards of an hour, well, imagine the chit chat.

Both Mallard and Clark have gone out of their way to note that 'due process' must be followed in matters treaty implying that these pesky Maori party people are encouraging the peasants to revolt. Come on, if due process had been followed by the Labour Government the land would be sitting on the table for treaty settlements by now.

Big Trev, as we like to call him after his appointment as Rugby World Cup Minister, dredges further towards the bottom of the barrel with his musings on LabourFM that 'we need a new set of policies for the new millennium' or some such tosh. Trev, the new millennium dawned 8 years ago mate (but lets not split hairs over 1999 v 2000).

Labour has single handedly given the Maori party and Hone Harawiri a call to arms. Watch this space.

And Hone, good on ya mate, I don't give a stuff what Helen and Trev reckon either.

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